Design, SALE


If you find yourself asking "what's so special about this sofa," just wait!  The thing that makes this sofa so special is that it's a secret sofa with a secret life as a bed... That's right, it's a fully functional sleeper sofa!

So we've seen A LOT of sleeper sofas over the years, and non has captured and maintained our interest and stimulated our design bone quite like this beauty from BluDot.  Unlike normal sleeper sofas with uncomfortable mattresses tucked into the framework, this framework becomes the mattress.  Check out the video below...

LEGAL NOTE: This video contains Awesomeness and may blow your mind. iD assumes no responsibility.  Enjoy!

So what could be better right???  How about buying our floor sample model at a fraction of the retail price?  That's right, if you hurry you can purchase the floor sample shown below right now!  Don't fret if it's sold by the time you're reading this though, you can still purchase a new one from us... Shoot, we even added a link to that one too!

Happy shopping!